The Last Voter: Etsuko McCord, 83

By Melissa Bounoua

McCord Etsuko, the last voter at Memorial Union

At 6:55pm in Memorial Union on campus, the last voter has such an incredible story. Etsuko McCord, 83, got into the Emergency room at the Boone County hospital yesterday night. And she is not from Boone County, so yesterday night she thought she couldn’t vote.

But after a day of negotiation, she made it, five minutes before the closing of the polling place, she went to Memorial Union with an assistant who helped her to go through the whole process and at 7pm, when all the staff was happy to close the polling place after a long day, Etsuko McCord was even happier. She made it. “I am so happy, especially after all I had to fight for to eventually  cast my vote“, she said.

Etsuko McCord

Etsuko McCord voting with some help at 6:55pm


The Staff is happy that the polling place closes after a long day of votes


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