We are 3 French journalism students, taking our degree in Paris. Our home school, Sciences Po, enjoys a partnership with the J-School of Mizzou, so we are now in Columbia, MO, as exchange students for the Fall 2008. It is a very exciting time for us as the presidential election is making the news. In hand with editors from The Columbia Missourian, we deciced to build this webblog aimed at taking a look on the campaign from, let’s say, a European prospective. “Rendez-voUS.08“, we hope, will be the room for a French-biased multimedia grass-root coverage of the historic race going on between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama.

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Baptiste Etchegaray

I was born in Paris 24 years ago and I was born as a journalist when I got involved in my high school’s student-based newspaper while I was 16. Since then, I’ve always felt excited about covering issues, meeting people, asking questions, writing stories, making reports. I already interned for a French local daily paper, a French-speaking newspaper in Vietnam, a nation-wide radio station and… an American DC-based daily paper, named The Washington Times, prior to my semester at Mizzou.

It is my first time in the US, erm, I actually came with my parents when I was 2 but I don’t really remember. I’ve been in the country since Hillary Clinton gave the race up in early June and when it became clear that John McCain would face Barack Obama is his run for the White House. The whole summer was rich of headlines on the campaign but now things are getting serious. Through Nov. 4, I will be happy taking a close look on what’s going on about the election around Columbia, a place I’m exploring while I’m reporting. I’m very interested in politics and especially in how people get involved in it at their own level. Watching democracy “in progress” in one of the largest democracies in the world fascinates me.

Otherwise, my main hobby is movies and I feel like cinema is not for nothing in my coming in the US. Since I got here, I’ve been thinking “oh, it’s exactly like in the movies” and I kind of feel home but at the same time everything is so different from home making it so exciting to be here. I hope this webblog will reflect this strange mix of feelings.

Contact: baptiste.etchegaray@gmail.com

Charlotte Pudlowski

I am 22 years old and have been willing to be a journalist for about… the same amount of years. Why that? Well I guess at first it was because I loved writing. Or maybe because I wanted to travel. Unless it was due to my fascination for politics?

I love French, American and Israeli litterature, Philosophy, movies, pasta, chocolate, drinking wine, travelling, meeting new people and enjoying life. But as a job, I like trying to understand the world around us, in all its aspects, and above all, I enjoy trying to make people understand it better.

I have done several internships in various kinds of redactions : weekly French magazine (Le Point), daily French newspaper (Le Figaro), press agency (AFP), French radio channel (France Inter) and a Senegalese daily newspaper (Walfadjri). Actually I am just back from Africa.

I had already been to the United States a couple of times : East Coast, West Coast. It was time to discover the Midwest ! So here I am, in Columbia Missouri, ready to follow this exciting race and reporting on it.

Contact: charlotte.pudlowski@gmail.com

Mélissa Bounoua

I am 22, I was borned and raised in Paris. I am a graduate student in journalism back in Paris and I came to Columbia because it is one of the best place to learn my job. I am so excited to be here. Being a reporter in the United States is a like a dream come true. Especially at this very important moment for this country.

I am really interested in politics that is why I spent the summer in Washington DC as an intern with the Washington Times. I wanted to be close from Capitol Hill (I actually saw Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Georges W. Bush) and to learn how to work as an American journalist.

In France, I am a stringer  for Muteen, a teenage girl monthly magazine, and I did internships in some major French publications: ELLE magazine, Ouest France.

Blogging is my favorite hobby. Some of my friends call me geek girl because I have two and soon three blogs. The fact is, I kinda enjoy it. So I hope you’ll enjoy coming here, reading our stories, and post some comments. Don’t be shy, we, journalists love to discuss with different people and I will be glad to answer all your questions.

Contact: melissa.bounoua@gmail.com

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  1. Peter Gumbel said:

    Great to see that you have already become local stars…
    Keep it up!


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